Know Your Worth

I give more than I take. I love unconditionally despite having been abused. I’m loyal to those in my world. I am interested in their life even when they don’t show interest in mine. I never seek out opportunities to harm others. I don’t seek revenge on those who have hurt me. I encourage people when I see them struggling. I’ve reached out to people when they’re hurting who have never reached out to me when I was hurt. I allow people to have their space for healing and growth. I always forgive easily when someone acknowledges their mistakes. I’m quick to acknowledge my own faults and I take ownership of my mistakes. Not only do I apologize, I also make any adjustments needed from my end. I lend a helping hand to anyone, even complete strangers. I never expect anything to be handed to me or for anyone to return a favor when I’ve been kind. I hand out more second chances than I can count.

With all of this knowledge about myself, I am self confident. I understand my value. I know what I bring to the table. When a relationship in my life has to come to an end, I didn’t lose them, they’ve lost me.


11 thoughts on “Know Your Worth

  1. That is a great way to process loss and to heal. I have had to come to that realization for myself. It took me a long time. However, I now know my value and worth. Thank you for you vulnerability I really rated to this piece.

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