Summer’s End

Waves crash around me. You hold my hand tight.

In this moment I feel free; As my soul takes flight.

I’m breathing in the salty fresh air.

The wind blowing through my hair;

I gaze out into the vast, turquoise sea.

It gets no better than this; you and me.

As the night begins to fall, the moon lights my face.

Together, we can have it all; You’re my saving grace.

32 thoughts on “Summer’s End

      1. This also takes me back to a time just as you described, when you were a little girl. I love those kind of memories and places in time that I hold close to my heart always. ❀ You my dear are a great writer. Very few can take you to such beautiful places.

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  1. Nice poem Amber, I enjoyed reading this post and great way to insert that picture of the waves here which definitely says it all about summer’s end which is a time to be free and to set your soul alight😊πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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