I am…

I am a breeze, rustling through the Autumn leaves.

Crisp clean air that revitalizes the land.

I am a ray of sunshine, blanketing the Earth with my warmth.

Providing the light for all life.

I am the rain, washing the dust of the day away.

Breathing new life into everything I touch.

I am a tree, standing tall above the grass.

Holding firm in my roots, creating a shelter.

I am the sand, simple enough.

Infinite grains creating a pathway to walk the beach.

I am a wave, traveling the vast sea.

Finally, ending my life gracefully against the shore.

written by
Amber Lynn Manning


805 thoughts on “I am…

  1. This post is a beautiful representation of nature’s elements. Your description of being a breeze, sunshine, rain, tree, sand, and wave, is a poetic tribute to the power and majesty of the natural world. Your words paint a vivid picture of each element and its impact on the environment. Well done!

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  2. No. I am does not die. He lives forever and ever. Grab hold on to it with your life. He will live forever while I live and if I die, he will still live forever. In Jesus name


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