The End?

Everything will end. That is simply a universal truth. This may be painful to accept, but we can’t change this inevitabilty.

We can’t hide from the truth. Everything ends; after an ending, at times, we are lucky enough to find a new beginning. These new beginnings are where our hope lives. Inspiration thrives, and we create our memories and legacies. We take photos, create videos, write lyrics and books, all in hopes to manipulate the system. There will be proof that we were here, that our memories are genuine. Our legacy lives. Except, this is flawed too. Our planet is our home, and our shrine. It isn’t exempt from the universal truth, and one day Earth will be no more.

Embrace your life, here and now. Create your legacy while you still can. Leave a mark on this world, while it’s still here. Don’t allow fear to swallow you whole. There’s no time to waste, because everything will end. All that we have, for sure, is this very moment. We shouldn’t waste it.


18 thoughts on “The End?

  1. The cycle of life keeps moving and yes time is very precious. Endings can be very hard but good memories can help us get through it. You are so wise and I appreciate the knowledge you share. Thanks for the reminder of the importance of each day. Every day is a blessing to be thankful for. ❀

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  2. Just this evening I was reflecting on how old I am and how much time I have left. I felt inspired to work on something meaningful and not mundane. It was nice synchronicity to find the same thoughts reflected in your post.

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