the coast can be dangerous
sometimes we have stormy⛈️
seas and hurricanes form🌀
they can produce tornadoes
hailstorms, and even water
spouts over the ocean 🌊🌪️
when weather gets this bad
we have to shelter inside🪟
boarding up our windows we
now feel safe and we have🍿
all of the snacks ready to
go, the alcohol 🍷🥃🥂🍻✨
is fully stocked and we’re
watching netflix cuddled🥰
together in bed with a view
of the rough sea and winds🌬️
raindrops start falling ⛈️💧
harder and harder we lose🔋
now we have to entertain 🤪
ourselves in the dark, oops
i think i stubbed my toe 👣
trying to go to the toilet🧻
ouchie i have a boo boo kiss
it and make it better while🍫
i eat my snacks🍩 storms are
really scary, please hold me
tighter please oh no a bang❗️
at the window and so much⚡️⚡️
it’s beautiful but i think 💭
i’ll just hide under here 🛏️✨
with you until it’s over and..
then we can go exploring and..
find out how much damage there
really was storms are scary🙈
hold me please don’t let go💋

12 thoughts on “🌀hurricane🌪️

    1. Thanks David 💕I’m working on a writing project, I’m going to be experimenting a lot too. Your poems are always crafted so beautifully no matter the style.😁


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