Promote what you love, instead of bashing what you hate.

Imagine this scenario: You’re in a wonderful mood, enjoying a great day. Along comes a person who is complaining about everything. They just can’t seem to say a single positive word. They walk away, leaving you deflated. It feels like all of the positive energy was sucked right out of you.

Now, consider all of the times that you were that person who was doing all of the complaining. It’s not an ideal way to live, sucking the joy out of the world with your negativity. You can dislike something, then decide not to spend your time spreading negativity. A better way to spend your time and energy would be promoting what you love. You could use your voice to motivate people instead of deflating their moods.

The cold hard truth about complaining is that it’s boring. Some people may think they’re gaining popularity when they attract others who are spewing the same negativity. At the end of the day, hate breeds hate. You can’t change the world with hate. However, if a group of people find a creative way to spread the word about what they love, it will inspire others. Love is interesting. Passion and hard work directed towards a goal are inspirational. Complaints are simply a dime a dozen.


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