Just Write

The courage that it takes to write your thoughts out for others to read is easily dismissed by those who don’t write. There is a difficult balance to maintain between allowing yourself to become vulnerable and valuing your own privacy. A single question hovers over me as I write. How much of my own soul am I willing to share to get my point across?

People have read my words and then passed judgement on me, personally. They have mistaken my honesty as a weakness. If they only knew how difficult it is to become vulnerable with the goal of helping another person in mind, maybe they wouldn’t make that mistake. It’s not a weakness to share some of your innermost private thoughts with the sole intention of becoming a beacon of hope for anyone willing to read.

When I read, it’s either to gain new knowledge and perspective or to immerse myself in a world that another writer created. In turn, when I write, my focus is to reach the reader who needs to find the message that I have to offer. I won’t stifle my voice out of fear of rejection or judgement.

I’m a writer because I have the courage to tell my stories. That’s what writing means to me, sharing sacred parts of yourself with the reader. The process is beautiful and terrifying all in the same keystrokes.


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