What do you know, how low the sky

I’m exhausted. I’m moving at warp speed with no pause button. There’s always a new problem to solve, something that needs my attention right away. I’m just not sure that I can keep going on this way. I’m running a marathon that has no end in sight.

I feel the urge to stop in my tracks and stand completely still. My brain is shouting orders, and my feet simply do not want to continue the race. I somehow accomplish more, yet I’m feeling more like a failure by the second. My muscles are tense and my mind is a mess. I feel overwhelmed with fear and sadness, but my tears refuse to fall. I grit my teeth and take another step forward.

From the outside looking in, I’m hard working and getting things done. Inside, looking out; I’m a prisoner to my own madness. I can harness this power for good, reign in the beast and ride the monster to greatness. But at what cost?

I’m both fueled and destroyed by the same force. This symbiotic relationship is draining. I am both grateful and revolted by the same energy. I stand here angry and confused, trying to find the pause button.


19 thoughts on “What do you know, how low the sky

      1. Have never reposted. Do you get to keep the original likes or is it like a new post? Ive seen some people that keep putting posts up that have hundreds of likes and wondered that tied in with it.

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      2. I just move them to the draft and then republish, I’m not sure what other people are doing. Yes, the likes stay with the post.


  1. I feel this. Walking the line between the need for rest, but also doing what needs to be done, is a tightrope more than a sidewalk, for me, these days. Be gentle with yourself. Life can be hard. Keep finding the beauty.

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