Coffee Break

Sitting in silence, watching steam rise from my coffee, my mind wanders. I consider life and the universe. I marvel at the idea of other worlds. Are there alternate realities? Maybe time travel is possible.

I take a sip, breaking my train of thought. A sweet memory from childhood dances through my brain. I can almost hear the sounds of the ocean, the memory is so vivid. I wonder what lies deep in the abyss of the sea? Consider the possibility of mysteries waiting to be discovered.

As I’m finishing my coffee, I think of love. Instantly, all of the faces of my loved ones flash through my mind. I smile, and let the moment of simple pleasure linger. Life, in its vast possibilities, just doesn’t get any better than the feeling of love.


34 thoughts on “Coffee Break

  1. Calm and peaceful!!
    I certainly believe in a different universe, just like this but very different. I mean, how is it possible that god has created only 1 planet that has life??
    The universe is so huge and in that our earth is like a tiny dot.
    Also, I feel like there’s so much more to know in the ocean, I mean 80% has not been discovered. What wonders are hidden there is unknown to humans.
    I love your work, it gives peace but also it does something to the brain, I cannot stop imagining stuff.
    That’s the beauty of the writer, to force readers to imagine. I don’t know with what mood you wrote this in the past, but it’s magical amber. I respect you a lot for your work and creativity.

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    1. Yes, that’s how I feel too. We can’t possibly be all alone in this vast unknown Universe. And the ocean is very curious indeed. I was writing about the practices of self care that I was implementing at the time, and taking time to let my mind wander and slow down during the day was a big one for me. I often do this with a cup of coffee. β˜•οΈ Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to read.❀️✨

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